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Great Barrier Reef Day Tours

Moore Reef with Reef Magic dive team. All dives are guided so nothing is missed. The dive sites are suited for all levels of diving. If you are a beginner, have not had a dive in over a year, or just like shallow water diving, the lagoon is an awesome site to meet the resident Hump headed Mouri Wrasse AKA (Wally). The tropical fish life has over 1500 species, over 400 species of hard and soft corals. Shallow platform to review skills and easy access to water, entries and exits and descent’s. Reef Magic has a photographer in water to capture your special diving moment with Wally swimming by.

The more advanced sites are drift dives through our channels to the outside walls. These walls have an abundance of phytoplankton and zooplanktons which bring in many schools of pelagic fish which feed on the smaller school. Common fish species we see are snob nose dart and big eyed trevally, red bass, chevron barracuda, oceanic trout, grease cods, whit tip and grey whalers reef sharks, sweet lip, eye lined surgeon fish, yellow tailed fusilier, midnight snapper, and what ever might be cruising down the wall. If you are an advance diver wall drift dives or many swim throughs might be the site for you. You can choose to dive with your non- certified friends or do 1,2 or 3 dives in a day.

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Great Barrier Reef day tour

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