Industrial Scuba Diving Course


Marine Research Dive

SCUBA Diving is great way to earn a living if you like diving your fit and adventurous .

The MRD will include a number of Nationally Accredited courses, some of your existing courses or experience may be recognized through the RPL process (Recognition of Prior Learning)

This course in full could take between 5-20 days depending on Recognition of Prior Learning and what courses are need to qualify you for your MRD certification of choice. The course selection:

  • Marine Research Dive Restricted
  • Marine Research Dive Full
  • Marine Research Dive SSBA
  • Marine Research Dive pearl Diver
  • Marine Research Dive Wild Harvest diver

List of Course Title Unit code and Prices

Marine Research Dive Restricted -SIS30410 $1900

Marine Research Dive Full SIS30410 $2990

Marine Research Diver SSBA SIS30410- $4000

Marine Research Dive – Pearl Diver SIS30410- $4995

Marine Research Dive Wild Harvest SIS30410- $2750


List of courses in the Marine Research Diver Qualification may include :

Provide 1st aid in remote situation: HLTFA302C

Basic Oxygen administration: 22100VIC

P;an Outdoor activities: SISOODR302A

Follow occupational health and safety policies: SISXOHS101A

Scuba dive to 18 meters: SISOSCB301A

Navigate prescribed routes under water: SISOSCB304A

Complete deep dives to 40 meters: SISOSCB303A

Complete underwater search and recovery dives: SISOSCB305A

Stress & Rescue: SISOSCB306A

Complete Boat dives: SISOSCB309A

Complete computer aided dives: SISOSCB313A

Complete night dives: SISOSCB302A

Complete drift dives: SISOSCB315A

Complete dive using Enriched Air Nitrox: SISOSCB317A

Dive in open water using surface supplied air: SISOSCB318A

Perform diving for scientific purposes: AHCLPW305A

Operate communication systems: PUAOPE002B

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