Ocean Mermaid

This is the ultimate end goal – being a mermaid in the ocean!

If you have completed your SSI Mermaid Course then you can take it to the next level be an ‘Ocean Mermaid’. Minimum age is 10yrs old. Come have a fun morning or afternoon as a mermaid at Fitzroy Island.

You do need to buy your own mermaid tail for this, however we can source these for you.

Open water instructor professional levels:

  • 10 years and up
  • Completed Mermaid courses in the pool
  • Day at Fitzroy Island
  • 3 hours of Mermaid fun
  • Packed lunch
  • Digital photos

Courses are available to suit your schedule:

Ocean Mermaid - $175 + tail cost

The ultimate end goal, to swim in the ocean like a mermaid