Mermaid Course


Mermaid Course

Dive right in and do a Mermaid Course. If you have done your ‘Try Mermaid’ within recent months you can do the Mermaid course for just $50, with 2 hours in water time, otherwise it is $75 and 3 hours required. There is a little manual to work through with some skills to do. Or maybe you have booked the Try Mermaid and liked it so much you want to tack on the Mermaid course the same day!

We do many more skills while wearing the tail, you can put on some Mermaid glitter makeup and have some fun photos taken.

Mermaid course includes:

  • 3 hours duration
  • Swim assessment
  • Chose tail and safety
  • Putting on your tail
  • Safety in water
  • Swim on surface
  • Duck dive
  • Swim under water
  • Back float
  • Tail slap
  • Static breath hold
  • Fun and games
  • Photos

Courses are available to suit your schedule:

Mermaid Course - $75

Dive right into the beautiful world of Mermaids