Cairns Diving Day Trips

Come dive on the Great Barrier Reef with our award winning Cairns Diving Day Trips Reef Magic Cruises. The certified dive sites range from beginner in protected shallow lagoon areas 5 to 8 meters to advance sites with drift dives depths up to 25 meters, swim through, and caravans deep within the reef. You will see a wide variety of marine life including reef fish like Parrot, Surgeon, Wrasse, Clown Fish, with array of Pelagic Fish. Out on the outer walls where there is great tide currents we witness reef Sharks, Barracuda, Manta rays, schools of Red Bass, Sweet Lip, Midnight Snapper, many different species of Trevally, and many more. The coral in the lagoon varies over 200 different soft corals and 300 hard coral. The drift dives are down walls that host many colorful Fan coral and many years of reef growth with the wall standing 18 meters tall.